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Why Hondon Valley Properties?     

Building a villa in Spain is a big venture, requiring a lot of time and emotional investment. Finding the perfect partner to match your needs is essential. You want someone who can create your dream while considering the practicality and cost. HVP only work with high quality builders in the area to ensure you get the perfect home. At HVP we draw on our passion for building distinctively individual villas with only selected local builders. With over 28 years experience in real-estate in Spain the homes we build today are a reflection of our commitment to provide a personalised service to our clients.

HVP build a limited number of villas every year, using an exciting mix of styles and materials to produce truly individual villas designed to suit your needs. Villas built with care and the utmost attention to detail with high class quality finishes. Whatever your needs you will soon see just how willing and flexible we are to make your project a reality.

At HVP we offer a complete bespoke service.  We start with a blank canvas and work with you to ensure our villas are as individual as the discerning clients who purchase them.  We have a team of specialists that will help you with all the plans, specifications, internal and external designs; we can even help you with the landscaping. From quality fittings to exceptional workmanship, HVP take pride in every villa built and can accommodate small villa designs or luxury country properties.

To join us now in the Costa Blanca for the Spanish passion, the lifestyle and the sunshine  call us now to make your dream a reality.